From the Pastor's Desk



We believe that families are one of God’s best ideas ever!  Being part of a family should be like a classroom that prepares us for life.  As we grow up, we learn important life lessons such as structure, submission, team work, unity, character, love, forgiveness, compassion, giving, faithfulness, problem-solving and so much more.


This is why we are Celebrating Families, beginning with Mother’s Day and going through Father’s Day!  Regardless of what your family is like, it’s really important to become connected to a church family.  Family Matters at Cornerstone Church.


A church family is able to encourage and support you through life’s ups and downs, even if you’re natural family can’t be there.  We’re a strong church that provides activities, teaching, and connection for every age group…so jump in and get involved!!


We’ll Celebrate Family on Mother’s Day, May 13, because we wouldn’t have a family if it wasn’t for our moms.  Come for breakfast at 8:45 – 10:00 am, grab your friends/family for a free photo at our photo booth, and every woman attending will get a lovely gift.


Ty & Debra Barker will be our guest speakers on Sunday, May 20 and 10:15am.  You’ll really enjoy the strong, bold and practical ministry this couple brings!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning how to build families God’s way, how to appreciate your forever family, ways to grow your family stronger…and even how to deal with the occasional family feuds that pop up!


We’d love to share our family with you.


Pastors Jon & Sheri Burnaman