From the Pastor's Desk

August 2018

As summer closes, please keep our students, teachers, leaders and support staff in your prayers as the new school year begins. 


Our children and youth are precious and valuable.  God has wonderful plans and purposes for each of their lives.


The Movement youth group recently went to a week of ‘camp’ at Summer Blitz.  Here are a few of their experiences.  Praise God, He is moving in the lives of our young people! 



± Two of our students especially stepped up into a place of leadership.  As the week progressed, we saw a lot of growth in them. They assisted when needed and were the first to volunteer.


± We witnessed one young man who went forward for prayer almost every service.  He enthusiastically involved himself in worship every day.  When there were distractions around him, he would move to a quieter seat so he could stay focused.


± Three students went forward to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues.  All 3 returned with incredible testimonies surrounding that service.


± Two other students shared that they also felt the Holy Spirit become especially tangible in their lives during that service.


± Toward the end of the week we started to see students offering to pray for other students. Several times we had a group of students gathered around one of their friends all praying for that individual.


± Several services included worship times that spanned longer than 30 minutes.  They not only stayed involved and focused, but said they felt that they could have gone much longer.


± Our leaders have each shared that they were blessed to guide and lead the students.  They expressed that they are proud to be part of our church and this ministry.


Pastors Jon & Sheri Burnaman