From the Pastor's Desk


Excerpts from “Awakened to Purpose” - (check out the podcast)

message by Pastor Fred Smith June 30


  • How does God think? In God’s mind ALL things are possible. How does God think? “Nothing is too difficult for Me.” So we have to reprogram the way we think, and when we think different, we’ll start talking different, and react differently.


  • If God has placed you here in this church, you’re never going to be happy any place else. You’re never going to grow any place else. God’s plan is “you be faithful where I have planted you.” Our will needs to become His will.


  • There is a Word from the Lord hovering over every community, every church, every city and every region. That Word is God’s plan for the land...our job is to discover that Word and begin developing that Word, and become stewards of that purpose.


  • The Word of the Lord that I heard as I walked through these doors is “I am rebuilding Cornerstone Church.” Rebuilding the lives and the families of Cornerstone Church. What the enemy meant for bad, our God is going to turn it around, for the good and the glory of God.


  • There is a Word over our lives, that Word is a good Word. It will flourish, it will grow and it will produce life. We agree with what has been said, then we confess and decree what has already been said about us.


  • God is rebuilding. Not just a ministry, but He is rebuilding lives. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, that if you continue to support and get involved in this ministry, you’re going to see change in your marriage, children, home, finances and your health. Because God will honor your faithfulness.